The key to presenting yourself in the best possible light is to know your key strengths. You must be able to communicate them confidently and concisely. The interview is your opportunity to 'sell yourself', so be sure to have prepared concrete examples of what makes you special.
Revise the key achievements from your resume so they are top of your mind when responding to questions, use them to demonstrate how you can meet the needs of the employers better than any other applicant.
Your interview preparation should also include reading trade publications and newspaper and magazine articles- look for a greater insight into the company's reputations and their major competitors and wider industry challenges.
Examine all the information you have about the role- this should include the position description and the job advert. This is incredibly useful to prepare for relevant responses beforehand. Use this also in preparation for any questions to ask at the conclusion of your interview.
You should aim to have polished responses and show intitiative - research the company and try to gain understanding of the role- this will enable you to impress your potential employer in that first important  meeting.
Punctuality cannot be a stronger indicator of your professionalism- this shows how keen your are for the role. Research parking, directions and double check the address and time of your interview. You should always arrive early and make sure to have a contact number for your meeting incase an emergency should arise.
Keep your composure at all times and try to remain calm. If your overall appearance is smart and you are dressed appropriately for the role, it will help to get a successful outcome from the interview.
Always greet with a good firm handshake and good eye contact. Make a positive impression. Try to convey genuine enthusiasm, warmth and professionalism. Speak clearly and consise and be confident. Always close your interview with a handshake, a smile and a genuine thank you for your time.
A good idea is to send an email to thank you for the time again - Keep it brief and friendly - reiterating your enthusiasm for the role.
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